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Our family session was the maternity session that I had envisioned throughout my entire pregnancy. Outdoors, gorgeous golden light, nice coordinated (ironed) outfits… yup… I wanted the pretty.

We picked a late afternoon at the end of August, only 6 days after our session at the State Fair. I had to promise Matt that, yes, this was in fact the last time he would have to be in front of the camera until the baby was born. There was much groaning and eye-rolling, but he promised to behave for some of the photos. I may have bribed him by agreeing to let him share the photo of us with the clown. Head back to the State Fair session to see what I’m talking about. I tried my best to bury it among the other photos, but I held up my end of the deal… it’s in there.

We met Jessica of fotofilm studios (seriously guys, I’m biased, but they’re amazing) at a local park. It was quiet, warm, sunny, and…perfect. Simply perfect.

There’s not much perfection in my life, and rarely do photos with small children turn out the way you want them to, but the stars aligned in a magical way and we were able to capture some beautiful moments before all patience was lost.

These are some of the last few documented moments as our little family of four.

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