(We Are Scout)

We’re building a house.

I’ve lost count of just how many times we’ve said this out loud in the last two months. Sometimes it’s in complete disbelief, sometimes it’s with an energetic high-five and all the excitement, and sometimes it’s in absolute exhaustion.

This is a journey that just a year ago, we wanted desperately, but thought would be several years before we were able to start. Now here we are two short months later, working our tails off to prep our current house to sell, and dreaming of the excitement that’s yet to come.


The paperwork has been completed, signed, and filed. I wrote out and signed a personal check with way too many zeros. And together, we pushed a cute little Lennar Purchased sign into the sandy soil that, come September, will be our grassy front yard.


My favorite part of this pre-construction process was the afternoon we spent at Lennar’s Design Center. It was as though I was standing in an amazing touch and feel, mix and match, live Pinterest board.

We laid out our future kitchen into a stunning blend of creamy grey paint, glossy white subway tiles, slick white quartz countertops, and a gorgeous stainless steel farmhouse sink. It was incredible to see it all come together into a sort of reality.


Last week we sat down in the model with our relator, the construction manager, and the Lennar sales rep, with coffee and pastries from Hans Bakery in hand, to go through the building timeline and check the blueprints. It was then that they told us they would be starting the dig as early as the following Monday. It was a like the best punch in the gut… this is really happening!


And then yesterday, I drove Mum up to the house site so that we could see our hole in the ground. Honestly, it’s the most exciting dirt hole I’ve ever seen. I mean, that’s OUR hole in the ground! While we were up we drove around to check out the neighborhood + city a bit too. Where the elementary school is, where the high school is, and how far away the closest Caribou is. Because, priorities.

This is real. Finally. Now… time to sell a house.

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