Our Thanks.

When this started out innocently enough in March, no one (not even Matt and I) thought we would be where we are today.

Asking my parents to watch the kids for “just an hour” so that we could go and check out a model home in Ramsey turned into a three hour adventure, where we left them without a diaper bag and ended up with William wearing a pair of his sister’s pink pants. That turned into, “we found a house that we really like”, which turned into “we think we’re going to sign a purchase agreement”, and suddenly we found ourselves with a notebook filled with tasks to accomplish before we could put our current house on the market.


And now here we are with a beautiful red Edina Realty sign tacked into the front yard. (Thank God.)

We couldn’t have done it without amazing friends and family that showed up and helped us make this a reality.

Thank you to my parents. // Who spent nearly every weekend in May at the house working on some sort of project. Honestly, they’ve done so much for us that I’ve lost count. Scraping + painting, mulching the yard, packing boxes, scrubbing various surfaces, washing clothes, scraping wood filler into the floors, plastering holes in the walls, chasing kids, ordering lunch, and showing up with cold beer in hand. We couldn’t have possibly gotten it all done in time without you.

Thank you to Matt’s parents. // Who graciously took our wild and crazy littles for several weekends so that we could work on some of the bigger projects. Our kitchen cabinets would likely still only be half painted without your offers to babysit. All while trying to sell your own house, and amid several trips to Methodist.

Thank you to Sam and Jason. // Who flew 723 miles and spent a good part of the weekend soaking, sanding, and scraping two layers of 50+ year old glued down vinyl flooring out of the bottoms of our cabinets. (Seriously, why did a previous owner really think that was a good idea?!!) Thankfully, there was beer.

Thank you to Marjorie and Spencer. // Who showed up with a trunk full of tools on Mother’s Day to help us get our new front door correctly installed before we were working by flashlight. Without them, we likely still wouldn’t have a (properly installed) front door. And then once again, they appeared (like a mirage in the desert) the last weekend before we listed the house, when we needed a new garage door opener installed to pass the city inspection. Thank you, thank you. You two are absolutely amazing. We owe you a gluten-free, dairy-free, cinnamon-free, fun-free dinner. And beer. And wine.

Thank you to Jess. // Who showed up with hot coffee, garden gloves, and trowels in hand all while juggling your own babe, for making sure W+J didn’t kill each other while I needed to run out of the house on errands, and for your ALWAYS sunny attitude. A special thanks should be noted for letting me lose my shit among a flood of tears and raccoon eyes, and not being crazy judgmental about the whole thing. Seriously. You’re the best.

Thank you to Davido and Shawna. // Who graciously “borrowed” and loaned us an awesome-sauce paint sprayer and fancy rollers to finish the exterior of our house and our deck. They were exactly what we needed, exactly when we needed them. We love you guys so very, very much.

And of course, the biggest thank you to Stacie. // Who has been a rockstar for us in every way possible. You’ve put up with our inane questions, our bickering, and our never-ending list of neuroses. We’re always thrilled to call you Matt’s work wife, and our friend. P.S. Thanks for keeping him sane, which therefore makes me less likely to murder him while he sleeps.


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