On Marriage


Seven years.

Dozens of fights. A slew of people who thought we were crazy back then (and probably do now).

We’ve made it to the copper anniversary, which is a valuable one. (Get it? Copper is pretty expensive right now.)
So, I found seven pennies. One for each year. It is my gift to her. Cause I’m cheap, but sentimental.

But for everyone else, instead of my two cents, here’s my seven cents on marriage:

• Laugh. If I didn’t make her laugh on occasion, I’d probably be dead. Like murdered in my sleep dead.
• Forget. Sounds silly, but sometimes you just need to forget stuff. Whether it be what you did, or what you did or didn’t do.
• Make bad choices. Some of the best times of our life together has been when we made bad choices. Like going on vacation without planning, not doing meth or whatever. Geeze people.
• Curse words have a purpose. Don’t limit the language you use if you really mean “fuck you”.
• Make good choices. Like never giving up.
• Save your goddammned money. Things are expensive. Credit cards can be the devil. Money can ruin you – whether there’s a lot or a little.
• It’ll be fine. Have some trust in chaos. It’s probably the hardest thing for most people, but it really will be ok.

So in short, it’s been seven years, and all she’s gotten is two lousy blog posts from me.

Love you hun, don’t spend the seven cents all in one place.


– Matt

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