{About Us}

Mary //

Can we be honest about something?

I hate “about me” pages.

Okay. I guess I don’t hate other people’s about me pages… they’re informational, they give you a sense of the person that’s telling you stories and showing you photos of their life, and generally they’re pretty useful.

But I hate writing my own.

So here’s the rundown. And just for the record… I’d rather go to the dentist than write about myself.

My name is Mary. I live just outside of {Minneapolis} in mostly amazing Minnesota. Mostly? Yeah… icy roads and crazy humid summers aren’t my favorite. But I love everything else about this state. Except the enormous soul-sucking mosquitos.

I’m a former professional photographer. I started my business in 2010 with family and baby portraits. I briefly dabbled in weddings, and finally settled on boudoir. After announcing our third baby, I decided to step back from the demands of running my own business. However, I still occasionally take on family sessions, continue to second shoot for local wedding photographers, and give through volunteer work for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

I’m one of the laziest bloggers you’ll ever meet. It’s not that I don’t have stories to share, but that I don’t know how to share them. This is where my perfectionism shines through… if I can’t tell it perfectly, I won’t tell it at all. That’s probably something to work on in the future.

I married my best friend in 2009. Cliche, much? Oh, and that story? We met working at Apple, where he was my boss. {Whoops} But that was seven years ago… and now? I run the show. At least I like to think that I do.

I have two beautiful daughters and a handsome son. Lucy is 5, June is 2, and William was born in September of 2014. They can be tiny terrorists with their unreasonable demands for juice, chocolate, and boobs. But most days they’re pretty amazing little people that I would give up my world for.

What else?


I drink a lot of coffee. And beer. My husband and I home-brew and we LOVE it. Which also means that we really enjoy drinking it and any other craft beer that we can get our hands on.

My heart is filled with wanderlust. Since we’ve been married, my husband and I have been trekking to one new National Park every year. My favorite? Last April’s trip to Arches in Utah for my 30th birthday. Simply gorgeous.

I spend my free time {snort} cross-stitching, crocheting, pretending that I know how to sew, reading, playing dress-up with my girls, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix and Hulu, snuggling with my baby, avoiding laundry, Instagramming, thrifting for treasures, oh, and napping. Or at least trying to.

So there you go. That’s my nutshell.

Want to know more? All you have to do is ask…


Matt //

Hi. I’m married to Mary.  I work at the intersection of marketing, retail and technology. I live and talk about that every day, but ask me about my kids and you’ll hear better stories. Ask about my wife and you’ll get a nod of approval, and then stories about her bodily functions.

I’m far less of a mommy blogger than my wife, so this experiment should be interesting. But, there’s definitely overlap. My first attempt at blogging was actually in 2009. A chronicle of the life with a pregnant woman….Scroll back on the blog far enough, and you may see some of those posts.

Since she’s in charge, you won’t find links to my social media accounts with the fancy icons up top. But, you can find me on Twitter as @mjwessty and the same holds true for Instagram. I actually do have a Pinterest account, because some of that shit is hilarious.

Oh. I also curse.

This will be interesting….