Single Digit Days

Friends, we have officially reached the single digit mark. There are just 9 days remaining until we close on both of our houses. On the last day of this month, in a span of just under three hours, we will have to sign over our wonderful little house to new buyers and shortly afterwards, sign for […]

Letting Go


When we first walked through this little blue house with our realtor almost exactly 7 years ago, it wasn’t my favorite. I remember standing in the driveway thinking that the bedrooms were too small, the bathroom was too small, the kitchen was too small, and in general it just felt, well, tiny. I believed then, that […]

Our Thanks.


When this started out innocently enough in March, no one (not even Matt and I) thought we would be where we are today. Asking my parents to watch the kids for “just an hour” so that we could go and check out a model home in Ramsey turned into a three hour adventure, where we […]



September 2015 – I thought she looked so old here, but looking at her now she seems so little. She was so excited to go to Kindergarten! Big kid school!! Some of her favorite things at the beginning of the year were peanut butter + jelly sandwiches, her best friends Addy and Emma, everything about […]



  (We Are Scout) We’re building a house. I’ve lost count of just how many times we’ve said this out loud in the last two months. Sometimes it’s in complete disbelief, sometimes it’s with an energetic high-five and all the excitement, and sometimes it’s in absolute exhaustion. This is a journey that just a year […]

William Jon {Part 2}


  When I sat down to write the first half of this, I had no idea that the second half would be so difficult to put into words. In my mind… well… his birth was the part I’d never forget. Which is true. But those hours leading up to his birth are just a blur of […]