On Marriage


Seven years. Dozens of fights. A slew of people who thought we were crazy back then (and probably do now). We’ve made it to the copper anniversary, which is a valuable one. (Get it? Copper is pretty expensive right now.) So, I found seven pennies. One for each year. It is my gift to her. […]

Enter the Spring Solstice

Today, we change seasons. Today, Mary and I decided that we’re (pending paperwork) building a house. This was an adventure in discovering what we each wanted individually, and as a family. It was spurred by a 1920’s farmhouse on 10 acres that we visited. It was awesome. It was quaint. It was the perfect place […]

End of an Era

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a retirement party. Not just any, but for my dad. It was a roast, more than anything, with people getting up and telling stories about my dad. It was fun to hear, that’s for sure. Mine is below (as written, anyway), but it wasn’t the best: For […]

Ousted and Onward

So a gigantic data breach causes another high level executive (in fact, some say the highest level) to get ousted from Target. I’m not saying that it isn’t the adequate response. I don’t care about that. I also don’t care what his parachute color was. He did his job, he lost it, and he’s probably going to […]

Round Three of Brew. The Final Chapter?

Well. Somedays I wish I didn’t love my job, and also had a half million or so to spare.

Fore Sale By Owner. Asking Price is $575,000.00 Turn key. Including The Top Hop! You will be the only distributor for Bohemia Top Hop CZ, www.hop.cz Czech Saaz and exclusive Saaz SPECIAL in North America. All office furniture, farm equipment, 2 John Deere Tractors. 1 is a 4210 and all implements ($20k) And much, much more!

Round Two of Brewing Reviewing

Ok, so as long as we’re talking about beer, I’ve got a few more thoughts. First, someone please make a better home brewing app. In fact, Norther Brewer, you do it. I’ve tried a few, and the best I can find is called iBrewMaster 2. One of the reasons I like it is because I […]