Project Life 365 {Weeks 15-18}

Project Life 365_0125

Time to play a little Project Life 365 catch-up. Take a peek at the last month {or so} of photos from this year’s photo a day project. If you’d like to see each photo in more detail, head over to my Project Life 365 Flickr set! {Column One} April 9th: #Retrospect | April 10th: #Upside_Down | April […]

Project Life 365 {Week 13}

March 28

March 26th: #Green My sweaty little self after today’s workout. Today was one of the first days that I wasn’t compelled to call Jillian a b*tch, which must mean that I’m making some sort of progress, right? Also… 4 straight minutes of planks. Yay, for strong abs! March 27th: #Books Three of my current reads: […]

Project Life 365 {Week 12}

March 19

March 19th: #In_the_House Looking out and dreaming of warm summer sunshine. We’re all ready for this {long} winter to be over so that we can spend our days outside! March 20th: #Fresh So many delicious fresh ingredients going into tonight’s omelets. Yum! March 21st: #Weather Nothing but cold sunshine up here today. At least it […]

Project Life 365 {Week 10}

Project Life 365_0012

March 5th: #Private The opportunity to take an uninterrupted shower in this house is a rare private {and quiet} event. Usually there’s at least one small set of eyes peering at me through the shower curtain, if not a child trying to climb into the tub with me. So when moments like this arise, you […]

Project Life 365 {Week 9}

Project Life 365_0004

Can we just pause for a minute and talk about my ridiculous ADD this week?? I started writing this post YESTERDAY… yesterday. Seriously. Yesterday I was one day behind with this post. So during June’s morning nap I worked on the photos. And then they sat there… you know why? Because I got distracted. Probably […]