Enter the Spring Solstice

Today, we change seasons. Today, Mary and I decided that we’re (pending paperwork) building a house. This was an adventure in discovering what we each wanted individually, and as a family. It was spurred by a 1920’s farmhouse on 10 acres that we visited. It was awesome. It was quaint. It was the perfect place […]

William Jon {Part 2}


  When I sat down to write the first half of this, I had no idea that the second half would be so difficult to put into words. In my mind… well… his birth was the part I’d never forget. Which is true. But those hours leading up to his birth are just a blur of […]

William Jon {Part 1}


Finally. The birth story of our little bonus baby. I’ve been trying to write this post for months. Six Seven of them, actually. See how well I’ve been doing? But with a little memory help from my husband, my friends, and these gorgeous photos from Jess, I think I’ve finally got it together. Mostly. I’ve read that […]

Family Maternity


Our family session was the maternity session that I had envisioned throughout my entire pregnancy. Outdoors, gorgeous golden light, nice coordinated (ironed) outfits… yup… I wanted the pretty. We picked a late afternoon at the end of August, only 6 days after our session at the State Fair. I had to promise Matt that, yes, this was […]

{Instagram} Friday


Saturday was Jason’s birthday, and we (four adults + two babies) spent the day hopping around to different tap rooms in the city… we hit Urban Growler, Bang Brewing, Surly, and Northgate. On the way home we decided to make an impulse stop at Elevated to pick up some cans for Sam and Jason to […]

State Fair Maternity


This is the part of the blog where I make a feeble attempt to catch up on the things that I “meant” to blog about six months ago. And didn’t. Because pregnancy. And then baby. And then… well… laziness. Early on in our pregnancy with William, I knew that I wanted to do a maternity session. […]