I originally created this print to hang in Lucy + June’s room, but the more I look at it, the more I realize that I want it in my own room. I want it to be one of the first things I see every morning when I wake up. A simple reminder even before I’ve had […]


Asshat Breastfeeding

Yesterday, I stumbled across a heated argument of epic trolling proportions about public breastfeeding on a friend’s Facebook page. I saw, I skimmed, and I started to move along as always… until I noticed his wife’s response. “Because breastfeeding is a legal right where pissing on the sidewalk is illegal?” Wait. What? Did someone REALLY […]

Do I Hear Crickets…?


It’s been over five months. Is anyone still around? Here’s the Clif Notes style update: I had a baby boy in September. He’s adorable and sleeps through the crazy in this house, which (in my eyes) pretty much makes him a miracle child. I have a zillion photos to share at some point… maternity photos, […]

End of an Era

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a retirement party. Not just any, but for my dad. It was a roast, more than anything, with people getting up and telling stories about my dad. It was fun to hear, that’s for sure. Mine is below (as written, anyway), but it wasn’t the best: For […]

{30 Weeks}

Baby Woe_0124

How Far Along: 30 weeks How Big is Baby: A cucumber. 15 inches – 16 1/2 inches. 3 pounds. Weight Gained: 18 pounds Maternity Clothes: No change from previous weeks. Sleep: Some nights have been better than others. I’m finding myself either waking up at every little bump and creak during the night (hello, raccoons […]